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Corporate Services
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Your people are your Profit and Loss Account and they walk out of your door every day.

Make sure they are representing you through their image and personal brand in exactly the way you want them to.

Changing Gear helps you to perfect your company’s external messages, communicate your corporate vision, improve the image, interpersonal skills and develop the quality and personal brands of your people - from the CEO and Board to the shop floor.

Changing Gear – is an acknowledged leader in personal branding with a strong track record of developing effective personal and company communication



How do we do this? Read on…

Here at Changing Gear we are specialists in the field of Personal Branding and Professional Image, and more specifically how this personal image is applied to an individual’s development and ultimately to their career. It is accepted that a person with a good executive personal brand will, all other things being equal, have a distinct advantage over others who do not.

Moreover, a company with people who display a good executive brand will outperform competitors whose people are lacking in this area.

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CEO and Board Level Coaching
Executive 1:1 Coaching
Group Workshops from shop floor to management
Retail Advisor Workshops
International Business Class (prepares overseas visitors to do business in Europe)

Our clients include HSBC, other Tier 1 banks, BUPA, British Airways, Economic Research Associates, Eversheds, Direct Wine, Cranfield School of Management, Durham, Leeds, Warwick and Nottingham Business School MBA programmes and many other SMC’s and individual professionals.




My company colleagues are all very impressed with your approach while the recent seminar you conducted for our clients has received a very positive reaction. It makes an excellent complement to our business