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FFAQ Individual Consultations
Private Client Services

FAQ Individual Consultations

Q. Why consider changing gear?

A. Appearance is a powerful means of non-verbal communication

55% of the way we judge a person is by their outward appearance and clothing, 38% by how they speak, and only 7% what they actually say! Most people don’t think very much about what their outward appearance communicates to others. They have their style and stick to it. They don’t actually see themselves as others perceive them. The older they get too, the harder it becomes to make changes, yet inside most of us feel the same as the day we left school!

Tessa Hood at Changing Gear can help you to get back in touch with yourself.

You will be able to benefit personally and in a truly quality way from Tessa’s 30+ years of expertise in the fashion world. If you are needing specific help, regarding your personal looks or wardrobe problems it can be directly managed, and if you are a person of a ‘certain age’ and needing a confidence boost, Tessa really understands, she’s been there herself!

Q. What will you get from Changing Gear?

A. A personal consultation with Tessa will change the way you see yourself and how you could lead your life.

  • She will show you how to change your personal image within your own comfort zones.
  • How to make contemporary style work for you and boost your self-esteem
  • How to give your wardrobe a real going-over! Together we can edit and rethink your clothes to best effect.
  • How to shop clever – no more expensive mistakes.
  • How best to utilise accessories, belts, bags, shoes, spectacles, even hats and make them work for you.
  • Which hair styles should suit your face
  • All about make-up – you really don’t need a face-lift!

Q. What type of consultations can I choose?

A.1. You can choose to take a one-to-one personal image consultation in your own home with Tessa. During a half or a full day, she will introduce a simple formula. An easy set of rules that will cause you to change your self-assessment and create a stylish more contemporary and confident you.

We will discuss hair, make-up, personal proportions, scale, accessorising and all your own particular issues. There will be a wardrobe workout on all full day bookings. You will also have a full colour analysis done and a day or two later receive a lovely wallet of all your best suited colours to make your decisions easier when you go clothes shopping.

Personal shopping can be arranged afterwards if you would like it.

A.2. Whilst the friendly personal image consultation is the quickest way to get results you may prefer the fun of being amongst friends as part of a group workshop, again, in the privacy of your own home. We can see 3 – 6 people together.

A.3. Changing Gear also offers a luxury 3 day package which includes everything previously mentioned, including a wardrobe workout, then on day 2, a whole day’s personal shopping trip with Tessa, and finally, on day 3, a ‘spoil yourself’ session – a trip to a top London hairdresser, then a visit to a Photographic Portrait Studio for a make-up and a portrait photo maybe in your new clothes – you choose!

To make this event really special we can link it with a 2 or 3 night stay in a London hotel and even theatre tickets! Do call for information about this very special bespoke package.

Changing Gear Image Consultants also offer advice for Corporate Branding and Executive Image Consultations – click the link here.