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Coming very soon!

Starting in early December and going through January and February our SHOWCASES are being held around the country where you can meet us and learn about becoming an Image Consultant!

  • Are you tired of being someone else's slave at work?
  • Are the kids at school now and are you looking for something wonderful to do to earn an income in your free time? 
  • Do you want to be independent and flexible? 
  • Do you simply just want to grow your own income from your own business? 
  • You want all this but you are tired or disillusioned with the usual franchise or multi-level marketing?
  • Do you love Trinny and Suzannah? Ten Years'Younger? Look Good Naked?
  • Are you fascinated by fashion and image and style? 
  • Do friends come to you for your advice when they go shopping?
  • Wouldn't you love to do this ALL the time?

Here is a wonderful opportunity for you!

Just imagine! You could be running your own Image Consultancy business within a few weeks, working the hours that really suit you and your lifestyle and with added value that will have you earning your own income and growing your business in no time!

Come to our next Showcase near you to listen to two of the UK's top Image Consultants speak on how they can help you to develop your own business in Image Consultancy.

Listen to Tessa Hood MD of Changing Gear, author of best seller 'The Personal Brandwagon, who is one of this country's most well-known professional speakers on image, and Penny Sloane, hugely talented Image Consultant who is best known for her work with television presenters, MP's and personalities.

These two highly successful image consultants will how you how you can confidently train easily and quickly with them (to City and Guilds Level if you wish), what you can expect to earn, how you can fit this business into your life-style, work from home if you want to, and how you will be able to help others look great!  Once you have completed your short but intensive training you will reap so many benefits.

  • The work is fun sociable and flexible.
  • The training is affordable, and supported with ongoing, revenue-building opportunites.
  • It is NOT a franchise.
  • Be your own Stylist!
  • Learn how to pull a great look together.
  • Learn how to look really good at any age and at any size!
  • Choose the right hairstyles, make up and 'chic-up' with great accessories.
  • Make your wardrobe really work hard for its money.
  • You'll be able to learn to do colour analysis and know which colour really suits you and help your clients understand their colour 'direction' too!
  • Learn how to develop a capsule wardrobe for yourself AND  your new clients!

 All this you will learn if you follow our advice and you could be running your own Image Consultancy within a few weeks!!

Call us to find out about where your nearest Showcase will be and how to register for it.  Bring a friend (or two)!  Maybe you could form a successful partnership in your new venture!

Call us on 01932 868 868 or email  for a prompt reply.

When you come along you will receive a small mystery gift, and we will send you your choice of one ebook absolutely free which you can look at here on Tessa's Web Cafe tab, each ebook worth at least £17.00!.

Don't believe just what we say, here are some quotes from happy image consultants who took a course this year:

"This course is a must for any image consultant who wants to be seen as a professional and expert in her field"

"Fabulous course, thank you so much, worth every penny!"

"This was a wonderfully factual and relevant course offering a wealth of practical material and always directly connected to our business ....fascinating and topical.... a great boost towards my new career"

"I enjoyed the course and am now ready to undertake image presentations and workshops.  I can't wait for my first client and already feel the part and am comfortable in my new role.  Thank you!"

This is an opportunity to come and find out everything you need to know AND have a chance to talk directly to the experts.  We sincerely believe we can help you develop a new and exciting career AND help you to forge a whole new future!