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Are you a “stranger to yourself”?

Tessa's Article on People Bulletin

by Tessa Hood
Managing Director, Changing Gear Ltd.

You can control how other people perceive you.

Read my latest People Bulletin article.
In it I answer questions about how you can gain better control of other peoples perception to gain great business rewards.

So how do you develop you Personal Brand and manage your reputation?

Read more..


Tessa Hood is the founder and Managing Director of Changing Gear and has for many years been acknowledged as the expert on Personal Branding and Corporate Personal Branding in the United Kingdom.

Her clients range from CEO / Board level, through executive teams and into the graduate arena where her expertise has led her to speak at Cranfield School of Management and regularly at Durham and Leeds University Business Schools on the MBA and MSc courses (and asked to return time and again by the students themselves!).

Her major blue-chip clients include HSBC and other tier one Banks, BUPA, British Airways, Eversheds, Direct Wine, ERA, GAM as well as many SME’s and individual executives who have all benefited from the workshops, one-to-one coaching and speaking events that Tessa offers (see references).

Originally, a highly successful advertising model and actress (Stage, TV, Film and hundreds of commercials worldwide), Tessa ran her own TV and Stills production company for clients such as Harrods, Barbour, Mercedes, Epson, Mobil, Rohan, Toshiba, Ford, BT, Panasonic, Hewlett Packard, TNT and Puma amongst many others. This in-depth exposure to the world of ‘image’ led her into the field of corporate Personal Branding. She is also the author of the successful book “The Personal Brandwagon” (March 2006).

In 2006 Changing Gear also created a training academy for those wishing to become image consultants and those, already qualified, who want to develop a career in personal branding and corporate personal branding / business image development.

Recently Tessa has been a guest speaker at business networking organisations in the City of London and Canary Wharf and recent articles have appeared in The Times, Saudi Focus and a number of specialist Human Resource and business development publications. She is regularly asked to contribute opinion and articles, and has appeared on Sky TV as a contributor.

Tessa is also a professional speaker. Recent speaking engagements have included the highly respected Richmond Events Forums, (both the Marketing and HR events) aboard the SS Oriana, The Institute of Independent Business International, The Association of MBA’s (3 different engagements), The Inst. Of Chartered Accountants, The City Women’s Network, The National Conference for Executive PA’s, The National Conference of The Federation of Image Consultants, and The NRG Network.

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Your presentation was excellent and went really well ; the members are difficult to please and I heard many compliments afterwards.