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What Makes You Stand Out at Work?

Unemployment has now hit 2.26 million, and still climbing. As jobs become increasingly insecure, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd.

If you can’t define your differentiation in your speciality you have a problem.

Here are my tips for being the stand-out candidate in your marketplace or your boss.

  • As an employee, consider how you would run the business if you owned it. The mindset of being a cog in a wheel won’t bring rewards. Believe in your importance to the business, and that your expertise, and your interactive, active and enthusiastic contribution is vital to its success.
  • Always keep a ‘challenge-action-result’ record. Whenever you have a project, make a note of what it was, how you dealt with it and the successful result. It’s good for bosses to be reminded that you have achieved great things for the business.
  • Always, always look great. Yes, it’s shallow, but it’s all about the 21st century’s take on the importance of image and people make snap judgements about us. Be appropriate to your business, but look business ready.
  • Do people ask for you by name? Are you wanted because you understand their issues, empathise and deal swiftly and professionally with their queries? If you’re not customer facing, is your reputation for adding value and ability to your business paying the dividends that it should?
  • Seek feedback and input from others. Sometimes we can be blinkered in our belief in our value to others. If appropriate, find a mentor and have regular heart-to-hearts from someone with more experience than you. Find out how you are really being perceived from the outside and what you can do to change this perception. Use strategy and absolute authenticity to improve your brand profile.
  • Build your network to extend your power base. Become known for your expertise. If times are getting tough it will be more likely that you will find work through applying to your network than at your local job centre.
  • Don’t forget your online brand. Don’t have mediocre content on any social or business networking sites.  Be aware of any photographs you may upload and don’t forget the power of Google when people are researching you. Tip: spellcheck your websites.
  • Remember that ‘knowledge’ is considered to be only 10 per cent of what we offer in our marketplace, ‘skill’ and ‘attitude’ play a much larger role in the overall perception of someone’s value.
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