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The Economics of Beauty

What Makes You Stand Out at Work?

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Your Personal Branding E-Workbook’- Changing People’s Perceptions about you’ Ebook by Tessa Hood

Tessa Hood Your Personal Image Consultant Changing Peoples Perception About You. Ebook by Tessa Hood

If you are serious about developing yourself and your career this ebook (in a series of 6 ebooks) is a ‘must-have’.  Through development of your own ‘Personal Brand’ you will make successful career strides and improve your business and social profile.  Have you ever wanted to have more positive influence over those who can change what happens to you and how you manage your career?  Then you need to read and act on the advice in this ebook – an easy to read, informative and valuable addition to your virtual bookshelf.


Your Personal Image Consultation’
‘Style for Businessmen’ Ebook by Tessa Hood

Your Personal Consultant Tessa Hood Style for Business Men<empty>One of 6  ebooks, developed by Tessa Hood, to cater for the needs of businessmen who fall into various categories:

  • those who are just joining the job market and want to know how to develop their best look to be considered business-like and capable; 
  • those who are already employed but who feel that if they paid a little more attention to their clothing and overall appearance they would enhance their chances of promotion,
  • and for those made redundant who feel they need a little modernising to re-enter the job market as fast as possible.

Your Personal Image Consultation
Style for Business Women’ Ebook by Tessa Hood

Your Personal Images Consultant Tessa Hood Style for Business WomenThis is one of four ebooks especially created for those businesswomen who feel they want to make more of an impact in their workplace and be perceived as professional and ‘business ready’. It condenses all the information that Tessa would bring if she were to have a personal image consultation with you in your own home.  Learn how to recognise your body shape, choose the appropriate styles that will suit you, how to use make-up appropriately, find the right hairstyle, accessorise well, understand how face-types can affect style, plus grooming and overall impact.


Choosing Your Best Colours’ Ebook by Tessa Hood

Choosing Your Best Colours by Tessa Hood Changing Gear Image Style Consultant Have you ever wondered why you never wear a particular garment that cost a fortune and now hangs never worn in the wardrobe?  It is more than likely because it is in the wrong colour!  Well here is a guide to exactly how NOT to make those mistakes; an easy to follow guide to finding out exactly how the colour analysts make their decisions on where you sit on the spectrum, are you ‘cool’ or ‘warm’?  Do you have ‘deep’ in your analysis, or ‘light’ or are you’ muted’ or ‘bright’?  Knowing this will help you to choose exactly the right colours to make you look well and vital.  Whether it is in choosing your ties, or your blouses, this will really help and, in the long run, save you from expensive mistakes.


The Guide to Professional Business Networking’ Ebook by Tessa Hood

The Guide to Professional Business NetworkingIt goes without saying that networking, either on or offline is now a major way of developing business. Whether we are consciously aware that we are ‘networking’ or not, the fact is we all network in some form or other. We may do it informally with friends and associates, or more dynamically and strategically through structured business networks specifically set up to be mutually supportive, as well as a strategic and low-cost way to market.


A Guide to Modern Business Manners’ Ebook by Tessa Hood

A Guide to Modern Business MannersFor many of us, the pace of life is just too fast to bother with manners. We are overwhelmed with news and communications, fast food outlets, and with no funds available these days for expensive restaurants and long luxurious client entertainment, people often assume there is no need to worry about how we eat and how we entertain. However, in a world of increasing social mobility, a knowledge of basic good manners and social conventions will guide us in acceptable behaviour, even if these days it is less obsessive than in the days of our grandparents.