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Constant Contact award for All Star Newsletter 2008 The Personal Brandwagon by Tessa Hood of Changing Gear Ltd
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It is not important what we say about ourselves, but more important that our clients speak well about us. We are happy to supply references and a detailed biography of Tessa Hood and our Associates
We hope this overview helps you to see exactly what we will achieve for you. We strongly believe that people buy people and if the people in a company are not all singing from the same hymn sheet with the same entrepreneurial outlook towards their potential clients, then their business is likely to face difficulties, not only this but those who may be sending out ‘unfinished’ people are risking their own reputations as well.
British Airways - Project Manager

“Tessa Hood is an inspiration.  Her recent training session with British Airways, aimed at women wishing to return to the corporate world of work, was informative, professionally delivered and extremely well pitched for the target audience.  
She engaged instantly with the group, addressed their needs and essentially re-injected them with the self-confidence they needed to be able to tackle the challenges of the workplace.  Tessa has the unique ability to communicate at all levels and with all people.  She is incredibly sensitive to her target audience and can adapt appropriately.
 I would highly recommend both Tessa and her company "Changing Gear" as one of the most professional Image Consultancy companies I have worked with.” 

Senior Manager
Sales and Relationship Management Training
“Tessa’s involvement throughout 2004 and into 2005 represents a significant investment by the business… the investment has been not only significant but worthwhile and is seen to be an integral part of the whole Relationship Management programme which for me is a measure of its success”

HSBC Bank Plc (CIBM)

“Thank you for your tremendous contribution to the GRM
Skills Programme over the last 18 months.

This programme has been one of the most successful learning and development initiatives we have run and is having visible benefits in the business.”


Clydesdale Bank Senior Partner
“I am very aware that personal image is a major contributory factor in being professional and successful. With that in mind, I am most grateful for the time which you spent with me recently in helping me to understand and visualise my own
‘personal brand’. As Senior Partner of our operation in South London, it is important that the way I look supports me in my business dealings, both with clients and also with those in the business community.
Often issues such as this are described as ‘pink and fluffy’ and difficult therefore, to implement. The advice and guidance you gave was quite the reverse – very pragmatic and implementable and, consequently, valuable. For that I am grateful.”
Entrepreneur, Financial Markets
“I have consulted with Tessa Hood of Changing Gear recently in connection with a thorough review of my business positioning and future strategy.
I first heard her speak at a private seminar and was impressed by the thoroughness and ‘down to earth’ practicality that she brought to an intensely personal and subjective subject.
I was so impressed by her mastery of the subject of personal branding and perception that I invested my own money in consulting her.
My initial perceptions were reinforced by the depth of her understanding and intuitive perception. If one keeps an open mind, she will give great insight and depth of information within a short period of time.
Her consultation was supported by an excellent personalised workbook, this is a tour de force of the elements needed to understand your brand positioning and reinforce the positive aspects by presentation, including grooming, style and posture.
I would not hesitate to recommend Tessa and plan to use her both in my next business venture and to advise my children as they enter the workplace.”

Leeds University Business School
Marc Smelik Head of Careers Advisory

"MBA and masters  students at Leeds University Business School have high expectations for their careers, and many will become leaders in business and society across the world. The school runs a comprehensive programme of support in career and personal development, called the Career Wise Programme. It helps students become ’market ready’ for their next career step through awareness and skills development, and part of this is the importance of building their personal brand. Tessa’s workshops with students get this across brilliantly, and link in very well with the whole Programme. Our students are from over 40 different countries, so it’s a real challenge to pitch your message at the right level, and still be focused on something we all have in common across labour markets: if you can’t sell yourself effectively, your career will suffer sooner or later. This is not navel gazing and theoretical stuff, but practical advice and getting things done - just like Tessa’s own personal brand! Our students clearly value her expertise and life experience."

"Tessa brings a unique blend of knowledge on reputation management and personal branding to EBA.  Knowing how we can differentiate ourselves whilst paying attention to the uniqueness of who we are, is a first, and important step, to taking control of our personal brand management,"
Bev James, MD of the EBA.