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Group Coaching, Seminars and Workshops

If you are looking for Corporate Style and Personal Branding Seminars or Workshops, and/or Personal Presentation Skills Training, then you have come to the right place. Our workshops can be targeted specifically for CEO/Board Level and for Executive teams, or for client-facing Sales/Service Teams to improve overall perception and build trust and integrity into your business.
Executive and Management Group Workshops
Our interactive personal branding tutorials are run as economic 2 – 4 hour workshops. Economically viable, because 8-10 people can be accommodated in a workshop format which can be run, either in-house or in a mutually suitable environment, during the working week or, if billing time is an issue, during the early evenings.
In our experience our corporate clients achieve the best value when incorporating our workshops or coaching as part of other personal development programmes

A Changing Gear Workshop in progress

A Changing Gear Workshop in progress. Each workshop comprises detailed information on how to strategically, but authentically, develop your own Personal Brand. We will discuss the 3 ‘D’s of Designing, Developing and Delivering your Personal Brand.

    What are your own core values?
  • How you are perceived by everyone around you?
  • Do you ‘match’ your clients and build trust?
  • How is your body language, voice, and ability to build rapport?
  • Is your personal style, overall image and choice of business wear appropriate?
  • Are you representing your company in the way your company wishes you to do?
  • Are you actually looking like you can do ‘what it says on the tin’?

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