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Fashion Retail Advisor Services
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Fashion retail and general retail

Are you making the sales you want? Are you concerned that your people who are client-facing are not matching your business and ethos when they present themselves to your customers? Are they sufficiently knowledgeable? Are they looking like they can ‘do what it says on the tin?’

Competitiveness on the High Street has never been greater and most retailers are looking for ways to increase sales and ultimately gain the competitive edge. Changing Gear in association with Style Directions Sales Advisor Programme has developed workshops to help you achieve those aims.

How will you achieve better sales?

Through our retail workshops for Sales Advisors which are based on Professor Albert Mehrabian’s research at UCLA on personal interaction and first impressions. The content of these workshops is highly visual, so do contact us for further information or to arrange a meeting.

A Changing Gear Workshop in progress A Changing Gear Workshop in progress

What are the benefits for you of these workshops?

Whether you are in fashion or other retail business, these factors all come into play. The workshops -

  • Provide increased knowledge and confidence to sales advisors to make the initial approach to customers
  • Improve professionalism, authority and credibility of sales advisors
  • Build public awareness of the store as a leading authority
  • Give customers advice for making buying decisions and encourage returning customers
  • Encourage more purchases and less returns
  • Increase job satisfaction and retain staff

Just a quick note to say thank you again for a fantastic training session over the last two days. The girls absolutely loved it and are continuing to quote you as we speak!!! Marketing and Sales Director Calmia UK Ltd., Fashion and Beauty Retail