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Welcome to Changing Gear Limited, Corporate Personal Brand, Executive Image and Reputation Management Consultants.

  • Effectively communicate your corporate vision through your people
  • Strengthen your brand through personal development of your people
  • Be successful even through consumer down-turns
  • Attract and retain better staff and enhance their personal success
  • Invest in your main asset, your people, through further development of their image and their interpersonal skills
  • Develop the quality and personal brand of your people – from Board level to shop floor
  • Your people are your brand, help them to deliver consistency, relevancy, integrity and impact
  • Clearly and concisely differentiate your business from the competition

What’s your answer to these questions?

  • Are you and your people reaching full potential?
  • Are you making your targets, breaking into new markets and winning exciting contracts?
  • Do you ever wish you had a more positive influence over situations and people?
  • Are you perceived as a great company with great people?
  • Do you know what people are saying about you behind your back?!

If the answer is not quite what you’d like it to be, it’s possible there is a mismatch between how you would like your company to be perceived and how it currently is perceived. The impact starts the minute you or one of your representatives walks through the client’s door.

  • What is your largest single investment?  Your people.
  • What is your largest single asset? Your people.
  • Who carries out your executive plans?  Your people.
  • Who meets your customers? Your people.

We thoroughly enjoyed Tessa's inspiring, warm and fun presentation to our senior female lawyers on the importance of a credible personal brand to their professional lives…. What was most pleasing was the confidence and motivational boost Tessa's presentation instilled in our team