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Private Client Services

Appearance is a powerful means of non-verbal communication.

“An individual’s self concept is the core of his personality. It affects every aspect of human behaviour; the ability to learn, the capacity to grow and change, the choice of friends, mates and careers. It is no exaggeration to say that a strong, positive self image is the best possible preparation for success in life”. Dr. Joyce Brothers

55% of the way we judge a person is by their outward apearance and clothing, 38% by how they present themselves - body language, eye contact, confidence - and only 7% by what they say! Most people haven't got time to think about what their outward appearance communicates to others. They have their style and stick to it. The older they get the more out of touch they seem. Yet inside, most feel no different from the day they left school. Changing Gear Image Consultants can put you back in touch.

You will also be able to benefit personally, and in a quality way, from Tessa's 30 years of expertise in the fashion world. If you are needing specific help, re personal looks or wardrobe problems it can be directly managed, no generalisations here, also, if you're a person 'of a certain age' and needing a confidence boost, Tessa really understands having been there herself!


Personal Consultation fees for Image Consultancy and Personal Branding with Tessa Hood

Half Day consultation held in the privacy of your own home

  • including a full colour consultation (value £100.00), mini-wardrobe and
  • capsule wardrobe advice, make up and hair advice, and a copy of Tessa’s
  • book – The Personal Brandwagon.

Full Day one-to-one consultation held in the privacy of your own home including:

  • advice on hair, make-up, style, accessories,
  • a full Wardrobe Workout,
  • capsule dressing,
  • Tessa’s book, The Personal Brandwagon,
  • full colour consultation as above – try it, it’s cathartic!                       

Great Value Day for 2 people. Held in one of your homes

  • Wardrobe Workouts a possibility, please call for details

  • for partners at home together to include Wardrobe Workouts. 
  • Special ‘bespoke’ days can be arranged please call to discuss.   

Full day Workshops – great value for between 3-6 people

  • Usually held at one attendee’s home – huge fun!                     
  • Discounts available for full numbers…………..                       

Very Special 3 day De-Luxe at-home Consultation includes:

Day 1 

  • ‘at home’ Image Day
  • Full colour consultation
  • Wardrobe Workout

Day 2 in London

  •  a full day’s (previously researched) shopping
 Day 3
  • Hair Styling,
  • Manicure,
  • Make-up lesson and make-over photograph



  • 2/3 day specials can be organised for gentlemen too! Please call for advice.
  • Personal shopping
  • Normally undertaken after a private consultation.
  • Style and Personal Branding Seminars/Workshops

Please call for details, or look at www.changinggear.net for current programme.

  • School/University Graduates – ‘employability’ the right impression at interview – two hours                             
  • Talks to 6th form college students (call for fees)          
  • Gift Vouchers available for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day,  Birthdays,
  • Christmas and Anniversaries, etc.
  • Corporate Seminars and Workshops
  • Retail Sales Advisor Seminars
  • Corporate Image Audits
  • Executive Personal Branding.  Please call for further information or visit our website
  • Presentations for Charities and Fund-raising bodies
  • These can be free or expenses only, please call for further
  • Information. (Tessa is a member of The Professional Speakers Association).