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The Changing Gear Business Class
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The Changing Gear Business Class
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UK and International Business Class

Are you planning to come to the UK or Europe on business? Whether you are coming as an individual entrepreneur or you are being sent by your company, it can be a daunting prospect especially if you haven’t travelled much in Europe before.

Here at Changing Gear we specialise in helping you to handle all the situations you may encounter with aplomb and professionalism. You will be able to move amongst high level business people with sensitivity and an awareness of international rules of etiquette. You will understand the unwritten rules, customs and expectations of your potential UK and European clients and thus avoid possible embarrassing moments.

What will you learn?

The courses are held over 5 days in Central London* and include:

  • The cultural expectation of you from Europeans in business. For example, how to address people (first name, last name?), offering gifts, (or not), acceptable gestures, and even ‘virtual etiquette’ online.
  • Finessing your business and social English
  • Understanding UK and European etiquette and modern restaurant manners including how to manage table silverware, pick up the correct glass, and how to handle waiting staff with respect. Tipping, Corporate Entertainment – where, what, how?
  • Effective Networking in the UK
  • Your Personal Brand, just like any product or service you may be selling, is hugely important, as, especially in Europe, people ‘buy’ people, (they work with people they like). So, understanding how people expect you to be dressed in business on this side of the world and how to present your own professional image, ‘brand’, and professional case, in the most suitable and elegant way is paramount.
  • Learning appropriate Body Language
  • Finding your way around the City and countryside - trains, buses, taxis, driving

The speaker has done her very best to keep this session throughout lively, interesting and more importantly, relevant in terms of soft skills that are so essential for MBA graduates. Well done!  Charlotte White, University of Durham Business School