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Changing Gear Academy
Changing Gear Academy

FAQ’s The Changing Gear Academy For Image Consultants

Q. What will I be trained for?

A. You’ll become a qualified Image Consultant

Q. What do I need to qualify for the academy?


  • You should enjoy working with people on a one-to-one basis.
  • You will be confident in your own image.
  • You’ll need to feel confident to work independently and proactively – although you’ll be given plenty of support and the tools that will enable you to do this during your time at the Academy.
  • You will be interested in fashion and in helping people to improve their personal appearance.
  • Both men and women can apply for training courses. In fact we actively encourage male students as there are insufficient male consultants in the UK.
  • There is no minimum or maximum age range.

Q. What will I get?


  • High quality, intensive professional training in Image Consultancy skills that will provide you with the opportunity to develop a new and exciting career.
  • Industry qualified tutors to ensure you get the personal tuition you need to achieve a recognised standard.
  • Training to Federation of Image Consultants/City and Guilds standards. You’ll receive a qualification certificate to demonstrate your competency and to validate your expertise.
  • A small group, no more than 6 people, to ensure you get personal attention throughout the programme.
  • Assistance and unlimited on-going email support to help your business develop successfully.
  • You will receive, as part of the course, a professional presentation folder, copyright illustrations and PowerPoint slides to help in your consultations with future clients.
  • You will not be tied down to buying further equipment or signing any agreements to purchase any collateral through Changing Gear Limited
  • You will need, however, if you intend to work as an Image Consultant to buy a certain amount of equipment, e.g. colour analysis drapes and maybe make-up.  Details available on request.

“I am very aware that personal image is a major contributory factor in being professional and successful.